Product characteristics and Constituent of a rational diet

Having been engaged in  trade business we have gathered information on  development in food articles  trade. In-depth analysis of the market brought us to a conclusion that  there exist  considerable prospects in  sale of  semi-processed  grain products.  Such products,  referred to as “grain breakfast sundries”  cover  offered by us semi-processed  grain products. The offered  semi-processed grains  do not contain any additional flavouring, dying  or preserving  additives. Such  products are very popular in  highly developed countries  due to their  appetizing, nutritive and, most of   all, dietetic advantages. They do not require boiling Advantages of  grain products  containing  much cellulose are obvious. Such products are  recommended by diet specialists and  doctors. According to  survey  carried out by  diet specialists  an ideal diet should  be based in about 1/3 on grain products. High content of  easily assimilable  carbohydrates makes these products  an ideal  breakfast  product,  enriching the organism with  energy needed in the morning. Due to large content of  albumin supplemented by protein from milk and its  products the processed grains  provide  valuable and nutritious dish.

 Consumption of the product in Poland and  worldwide

 With the present  market supply the consumption of  “grain breakfast sundries”  per statistic citizen in Poland  is estimated at  about 0.6 kg. According to F.A.O.  estimates  the consumption of  products  referred to as  RTE products (ready to eat) in EU member countries is between 0.3 and 6.5 kg  per person per year.  Of course, it should be borne in mind that  consumption of  such type of  products  enjoys a long  tradition in these countries and has been  recommended  for long time  by  catering industry  so we in Poland  cannot not  compare to that market.  In spite of  considerable differences in  dietary customs and  habits of  Poles  which,  due to large opening of  our community to external influence,  are quickly positively changing   there is still a  large  “area for  improvement”.  In the nearest future we expect a  fast  growing demand  for  this  type of products in Poland .

 Consumption forecast in the next years

The  observed growing  awareness of the society  of need of healthy and  rational diet  and, consequently,  growing  demand for  such type of products  lead us to a conclusion that  the consumption of  the products  is going to  grow rapidly  in the  following years.  Steadily growing  production  and sales  recorded by our company  confirm the above  conclusion.